Our plan for a new theater in Redding to promote local arts.


Why Arts?

Your imagination is a powerful tool. With imagination, creativity and curiosity you can solve problems, tell stories, communicate emotions, empathize and, most of all, foster unity with others through shared experiences. These human expressions of creativity make the creative arts an integral piece for building a community and developing our culture.

The creative arts are also a valuable asset in the development of our children. In recent years, there has been great interest among educators in the links between arts-based learning and human development. Child developmental research shows that children engaged in the creative arts have better academic performance, solve problems faster, and are ahead of the curve in cognitive and social development. Researchers have also discovered that involvement in the arts at an early age can be linked to more positive social outcomes, better overall engagement in school and better health and well-being. Investment in creative arts is an investment in our children and, as they grow into adults, our future here!


Why Redding?

We believe Redding has an opportunity to become a great city that values the arts and we can help this by investing in our future generations. We have incredible amounts of  potential talent among us, but currently we lack a common, accessible location, so many pockets of creativity in our citizens go undeveloped and unnoticed.

Redding is also the largest city in the region and the hub for many in Shasta county. Whether our surrounding communities are in need of medical treatment, shopping, commerce, government services or entertainment facilities, they can all be found in Redding. We are a city on the rise in many areas, especially technology, but we lack a common space that’s easily accessed by all in our community in order to enjoy the creative arts, creative education and live performances. Can you imagine how our innovation and growth would be multiplied in other areas if we invested in Redding as a creative arts center for our region?


Why Now?

The moment we choose to see our city’s potential and invest in our youth is the moment we will establish a healthier, more creative and successful culture overall. But right now in Redding, performance facilities for the local school system are in high demand. This is making it difficult for many schools to reserve adequate times for rehearsals—a necessity for higher quality performances. Additionally, independent dance, theater and music groups are competing for affordable performance space too. Sadly, many are forced to use subpar venues like gymnasiums or multi-purpose rooms. This not only inhibits the full potential of our aspiring artists, but also takes away from you, the audience.

Finally, you are right in thinking that we already have existing private or civic theaters, but the major dilemma here is the size of the venues are often much larger than a school needs. And with the larger size comes a much larger cost which is extremely hard on a limited school budget. 


The Vision

Let’s imagine what Redding could look like with a more enhanced focus on artistic education for our children. What could our city become if we chose now to be a community dedicated to the intersection of arts and education? What if we had a children’s theater that could be a landmark venue, and serve as a magnet for young professionals and their families? What if more professionals considered Redding as a place to start or grow their business? What if our landmark venue easily attracted performance talent making it an inviting stop between the larger metropolitan communities in San Francisco and Portland or Seattle? And what if we used our creativity to harness our solar and eco-friendly resources here to shrink the daily operating expenses of this place, making it more affordable to use by our local community?


"Now is the time to break ground…and you can help."

Now is the time to break ground and start creating momentum in our city, and you can help. The Promoting Arts Now foundation (formerly FPAE) is gaining momentum and this is an exciting opportunity for you to make a lasting change in our city. It all starts with your YES and your imagination. Will you say YES to placing a value in creative arts? YES to growing healthier, smarter, more creative kids? YES to enhancing the culture of the arts in Redding? And YES to a financially affordable and eco-friendly theatre space that will be a beautiful destination landmark?

We invite you to join us in our journey…


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